Saturday, November 12, 2016

Youtube account suspended :(...

 I am really sorry, my channel got suspended. All my subscribers are gone and also all my videos are deleted with all the interesting and uplifting comments from my subscribers.  My account was terminated due to claims of copyright infringement. I understand that, but my sole purpose of making videos is because of my love and passion of our "sariling atin , katutubong musika. To share my collections, to make people happy, to reminisce the good old days of music. Not to to earn money. . That was my months and sleepless hours of work. Every system has people who abuse it and in the long run some innocent people have to pay for it as well.
Unfortunately, they (youtube)  don't seem to care at all. . How I wish I have the time capabilities to create my own internet radio station just for my collections without restrictions.
To my readers and subscribers, pasensiya na po. 

Maraming salamat,

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