Sunday, January 11, 2009

Classic Pinoy Folk/Rock Music, ASIN ,atbp.

Asin is one of my favorites,I still love to listen to their old albums. One thing I miss about this kind of music is the message and the beautiful melody. It is very simple yet meaningful.
Great musicians like Freddie Aguilar, Florante, Heber, Coritha , Sampaguita, Juan De La Cruz band,Mike Hanopol, Maria Cafra,Anak Bayan, Friction band, Abrakadabra band.... their music is just timeless.
Grace Nono her music reminds you that you have to be proud of your ethnic background.She oozes originality, courage, authenticity,and pride in true OPM.Noel Cabangon,Gary Granada , talented great musicians. Cynthia Alexander,(joey's sis) with the amazing talent . Joey Ayala, whom I have deep respect for as a person, a very good singer/ songwriter, creative musician, who until now is still active and continues to inspire and spread the message through his music. It is always refreshing when you get to hear Joey Ayala perform live or just listening to his albums. His distinctive sound and rhythm reminds me of where I came from---the indigenous instruments until now are still used by many minority tribes.
I just hope that this kind of music will continue and be heard by future generations.