Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coritha, Sampaguita and the rest of Filipino folk/rock musicians.

A lot of fans have been asking where is Coritha? Is she going to make music like she used to? Coritha singer/songwriter,the voice behind the popular hit songs like, Si Lolo Jose who is based on the life of real Lolo Jose, Sierra Madre, Oras Na, just to name a few.
How about Sampaguita the queen of Rock & Roll? Fans are hungry to hear the sounds and music that became part of their lives.
Nonoy Pillora Jr. the barritone voice of Grupong ASIN. It's been years that we didn't hear any news from him after Cesar "Saro" Banares died. Although , Lolita Carbon and Pendong Aban still active making music.But Nonoy has just faded in the limelight. The faithful fans are hoping that someday they will be together again and continue to write and make music.
Until now, like the rest of our very own Pinoy Musikero they are still inspiring a lot of Filipinos all over the world. What surprised me is the young generations who learned to appreciate this kind of music, not only the sounds but the message of the song.
I am not a good writer, I am trying to make this as simple as my mind and heart dictates. I want to share this with all Pinoy fans that these great musicians are still making music, live and breath music in different ways with their own perspective.

I gathered some of these links and official websites for all the fans of Filipino Classic Pinoy Folk/Rock Music. (I couldn't find any links or info for Resty Fabunan, Maria Cafra or Florante.) Ipagpatuloy po natin ang pagtangkilik sa sariling Musika.


Dead Rocker said...

This is interesting. I am a music lover myself and a fan of Classic Pinor Folk/Rock tunes. I was searching for some classic pinoy tunes on you tube and stumbled upon your channel. I saw a lot of materials I have been hunting for years. Thank you..thank you..thank you.

cornets said...

Maraming Salamat din. Bilang musikero 'yan ang kaligayahan ang mabuhay at maibahagi ang sariling atin Salamat na rin sa youtube at nabigyan ng pagkakataon na marinig ulit ang sariling musika. Lalong lalo na sa mga Pinoy nasa iba't ibang bansa.

Anonymous said...

Problema kay Coritha, naglabas siya ng LP (long playing album) --kailan ba yun? noong "nineteen kopong-kopong"-- tapos di na yun nasundan. Ano yun, writer's block? Tapos nun, at mula nun, yun at yun nalang at wala na yatang iba siyang ginawa. Problema, di ba? Bakit kaya? Ano ang nangyari.

cornets said...

Dapat may bago siyan cd one earth. For some reason hindi pa rin mairelease. Visit her website for more info.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am n amateur filmmaker and would like to use Coritha's Oras Na for a film on climate change. Can you please post her contact adds if you have?

Salamat ng marami,

cornets said...

Hello Kabayan Thanks for visiting my blog. Try this one. I got this from her web site. Good Luck!

Mobile: 0906-4976663
Landline: 9294945

Migo sang ASIN said...

Nonoy Pillora will be coming home on July 12, 2010. He and his wife Ginji is still singing and composing songs. He gave me his CD before he left for Israel. Their group is noyginjiinteraktiv. You may search it on the web.

He will visit Koronadal City on July 13, 2010.

They will sing in Marbel July 14, 2010. I hope I could convince Lolita to come.Lolit is now in Las Vegas, with the Juan dela Cruz band.She will be coming home by June 28.

Saro Banares birthday is August 17.Mag bigay ng tribute si Nonoy Pillora sa kaibigan nya. Lolit is interested to come,nay konting glitch pa. Sana matuloy ang " rebirth" ng ASIN

cornets said...

Hi Migo sang ASIN:) Thanks a lot for the updates. That's really good news. I do hope everything will work out. I am going to share this to my subscribers:) Good Luck! Pagdayaw dayaw.

kaloy said...

maraming salamat sa blog... hinahanap ko rin matagal na ang mga impormasyon ukol sa mga dakilang compositor at banda at manganganta gaya ng asin,corita sampaguita atb. na tumutugtug ng talagang naaangkop satin buhay at sa ating bayan,,...

kaloy said...

talagang kahanga hanga ang mga kanta ng ASIN at iba pang banda sa mga nkaraang dekada,,,,
sumisimbolo ng pagmamahal sa Dyos, sarili, kapwa at sa bayan,,,

cornets said...

Walang anuman kaloy. I ba talaga ng musika nong kapanahunan ng ASIN.Kahit saan tayo mapadpad huwag kalimutan ang sariling atin:)